Primary Aluminum Billets

The next our product under the brand "Dilers Aluminium" is the billets of wrought aluminum alloys manufactured by direct chill casting.

Billets are conspicuous for corrosion strength and high extrudability and are destined for manufacturing of profiles, pressed and extruded details.

Billets are manufactured on equipment made by American company WAGSTAFF by use of technology AirSlip®, which provides the best quality of surface of billet.

On customer’s request, billets are homogenized. Thus we offer production of top-quality to our customers, which needs no additional processing and is ready for instantaneous use.

Detailed information concerning technology of manufacturing.

At present, we are offering billets of series 60ХХ (according to DIN-EN 573-3), and we plan to extend the range of the manufactured production.

  • Diameter of billets – 178 mm (7 inches)
  • Maximal length of the cutted-off billet – 6200 mm +/- 15mm
  • Minimal length – 400 mm +/- 3 mm

Manufacturing of billets with diameter 152 – 203 mm is also possible.

Packaging and marking – on customer’s request.

Technical characteristic of the billet

Free removal of old household appliances

Free removal of old household appliances

We invite inhabitants and institutions to deliver their old electrical household appliances for recycling free of charge. Further information can be received by calling the free line 80000515.

Destruction of counterfeited ware and documents

Destruction of counterfeited ware and documents

We offer for companies and state institutions services of destruction of paper documents, electronic data carriers of all types, as well as destruction and utilization of counterfeited production, production with expired period of use, and faulty production. We ensure 100% impossibility of repeated use or renewal. We issue Protocol of Destruction.